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Capital International
Innovative Agricultural Solutions

Since 2007, Capital International has been pursuing its mission of providing innovative out-of-the-box agricultural solutions to and from the Egyptian Market. Our founder, Mr. Mohamed Elzomor is an Electrical Engineering graduate from the University of Michigan who left his career as an Automotive Design Engineer to pursue his passion through Capital International. In light of his discovery and understanding, a significant gap in the market and the potential of agricultural growth has now been made possible through Capital International.


  • Imports
  • Tape Binders
  • Pruning Shears Scissors
  • Vineyard Infrastructure
  • Used Farming Machinery
  • Exports
  • Grapes
  • Oranges
  • Pomegranates
  • Strawberry
    May Jun
    White Seedless
    Jun Aug
    Red Seedless
    Jul Aug
    Red Seeded
    Jan Jun
    Nov Apr
    Mar Jun
    Nov Mar
    Jan May
    Aug Sep
    Sweet Charlie
    Dec May
    Festival and Red Merlin
    F and RM
    Nov Mar
    Tape Binders
    Tape Binders
    Nov Dec
    Pruning Shears Scissors
    Jan Dec
    Vineyard Infrastructure
    Jan Dec
    Used Farming Machinery


    Varieties: SugraOne, Flame, Crimson, King Ruby, ARRA 5, ARRA 11, and ARRA15

    White Seedless: First week of May till first week of June
    Red Seedless: Second week of June till end of August
    Red Seeded: First week of July till end of August


    Varieties: Valencia, Navel and Baladi

    Valencia: Second week of January till end of June
    Navel: Third week of November till end of April
    Baladi: First week of March till end of June


    Varieties: Wonderful and Manfaluti

    Wonderful: First week of November till end of March
    Manfaluti: Third week of January till second week of May


    Varieties: Festival, Sweet Charlie, and Red Merlin

    Sweet Charlie: Third week of November to third week of December
    Festival and Red Marlin: Third week of December to second week of May

    Tape Binders + Tape + Staples

    Made in South Korea
    Capital International is the exclusive importer and sole distributor
    The machine does the work of 5-6 people. On a 5-hour work shift, 1 person is able to bind around 175 Trees
    The machine works with tapespan> staples.
    The Tape comes in 6 different colors, lengths, and thicknesses
    Tape Width: 80 to 160 microns
    Tape Length: 25 to 50 meters
    We supply an annual checkup and maintenance for the machine (Spare parts are available)
    The machine has been in the market since 2007
    It's been used by major farms around Egypt in Delta and Upper Egypt

    Pruning Scissors

    Distributed brands ARS, Florian and Felco.
    Our brands have been used in the Egyptian market for Decades
    They have been known for their Durability and have proven Reliability

    Vineyard Infrastructure

    Capital International imports the Pine and Hardwood that is used to structure the vineyards from Ukraine, Australia, and New Zealand
    We supply the Natural Round Logs and Evenly Cut Sticks with the following dimensions:
    • Natural Round Logs:
      • Diameter: 14 cm x Length: 3.3 m
      • Diameter: 9 cm x Length: 4.2 m
    • Evenly Cut Sticks
      • Square diameter of 4.5 cm x 4.5 cm x Length of 2.3 m
    The wood comes dried and treated

    Used Farming Machinery

    Capital International imports Mowers, Tractors, Trailed and Self Propelled Field Sprayers, Harvesters, Tele-Handlers and Front Loaders and others upon request
    The imported brands are John Deere, New Holland, Fiat and Kubota